By becoming a member of the South Jersey Camera Club (SJCC), you agree to this Membership Agreement. 

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South Jersey Camera Club (SJCC)

Membership AGREEMENT


I am 18 years of age or older.


1. That SJCC officers, members who organize and/or lead events are unpaid (except for expense reimbursement) volunteers and are not trained as event leaders; that they do not possess any kind of first-aid or emergency skills; that there may not be any medical assistance, including first aid available on an event; that the event leader does not know my physical condition or capabilities and that I have reviewed the event plans and have determined that I am fit and capable to participate.

2.  That by participating in events I will be engaging in activities that may involve risks, both known and unknown, that could result in injury including disability and death and severe economic losses. I understand these risks may be the result of my actions, the actions of others, the weather, environmental conditions, natural and man-made structures, buildings, or other causes, known and unknown.

3. That I have taken all reasonable and appropriate steps to learn and understand the risks and liabilities inherent in this event and that I accept them so that I may participate.

4. That during events I agree to remove myself from any harm which I do not understand or which I
know, or should know, will be an unreasonable risk to me.

5. That I hereby waive, release and hold harmless the South Jersey Camera Club, Inc., its officers, members, volunteers and the leader events from any and all claims of liability for damages as a result of illness, injury or death, or for the loss of or damage to any of my personal property arising from my participation in this event.

6. That I agree to indemnify the South Jersey Camera Club, Inc., its officers, members, volunteers and/or trip leaders for any expenses related to claims arising out of my activity while participating in events.

I acknowledge that the South Jersey Camera Club utilizes electronic communication of member information in addition to website and newsletter display of qualifying members’ images.

I hereby provide my consent to reasonable uses of any image I enter in any SJCC competition, exhibit, slideshow, or otherwise provide to the SJCC in any manner, for the posting of the image on the club’s website, the display of the image at club meetings, parties or activities, and the inclusion of the image(s) in club newsletters.


I acknowledge that while attending meetings and participating in activities, my likeness may be captured by fellow members. I consent to all reasonable uses of my likeness in any manner, including without limitation the posting of my likeness on the club’s website, the display of my likeness at club meetings, parties or activities, and the inclusion of my likeness in club newsletters.

Adherence to Rules

By entering club challenges/competitions, I acknowledge that I have read the Rules and that I will adhere to the rules. SJCC Challenge Rules

Modifications to this Agreement

This agreement may be modified from time to time with the agreement of the board of directors.

Effective July 1, 2024



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