Monthly Presentations

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South Jersey Camera Club Monthly Presentations

2018-2019 Presentation Schedule – The 2nd Thursday of each month


SEPTEMBER 25 – Joanna Patterson: Papua New Guinea, an Unexpected Destination


OCTOBER 11  – Rich Lewis: Attitude, Inspiration, Composition – A No BS Approach to Photography

This isn’t a lesson in basic composition. Get ready for a serious, but entertaining look at 3 fundamentals the building blocks required to create great photography.


NOVEMBER  8 – Buddy Eleazer: The Africa Challenge

If Africa’s on your bucket list, this is a talk you will want to hear. After leading over 3 dozen safaris,
Buddy has a good handle on the challenges of planning a trip to Africa. We will discuss when to go,
where to go, diversity of wildlife, what lenses use, shooting opportunities and limitations and many
other trip specifics.

If you are not keen to visit Africa but love seeing nature photography, you will also want to hear this talk
as the presentation is dense with wildlife and landscape images from recent trips to Namibia, South
Africa, Botswana and Kenya.


DECEMBER  13 – South Jersey Camera Club Holiday Party

Enjoy some social time to meet and mingle with your fellow SJCC members. Bring a treat (sweets, snacks or finger foods) and a smile to share.


JANUARY 10 (program change) – Sara Ascalon: Creativity – A Conversation with Yourself

Humans are innately creative creatures. For many, that creativity is freely expressed. For others, that expression is shackled by repression. Learn how to tap into the creative energy within you and experience the joy of letting go and sharing your vision with others.


FEBRUARY 14 – Tom and Lisa Cuchara: Focusing on the Details: Create Fine Art Photographs from Urban Exploration

Lisa and Tom will discuss love for RUST and their approach to and experience with photographing historic and abandoned buildings, urban decay, etc. They will show techniques for wide angle and close-up photography including the use of HDR (high dynamic range), EDR (extended dynamic range), HDR-panoramas, and light painting in this program. Equipment and techniques used to bring out the beauty and drama of these subjects will also be discussed as we show our fascination with RUST. They aim to inspire you: inspire you to visit new “old” places and to get to know them well enough to tell their story, inspire you to capture high dynamic range images and to light paint, and inspire you to create art from decay.


MARCH 14 – Robert Zurfluh: The Canadian Rockies


APRIL 11 – Joe Edelman: Images Re-Imagined


MAY 9 – Tony Sweet (TBA)


JUNE 13 – SJCC Members: Behind The Lens

Members, selected by their peers, talk about how they created the most compelling images from our competitions.