Monthly Competitions

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South Jersey Camera Club Assigned Competition Topics

2018-2019 Competition Schedule – Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Need a competition label for the back of your print? Download one here


SEPTEMBER 25 – Judged by BN Singh

  • Digital: People At Work – show a person engaged in a work activity (vocation or chore).
  • Color Prints: Open

OCTOBER 16 – Judged by Al Brown

  • Digital: Open
  • Monochrome Prints: Curve(s) – A line or outline that gradually deviates from being straight for some or all of its length

NOVEMBER 20 – Judged by Buddy Eleazer

  • Digital: Open
  • Color Prints: Negative space – The use of the space surrounding the subject to define and add emphasis to that subject.
  • Special Panorama Contest: This is a print competition either color or monochrome for panoramic photographs. This is an image in which one side is at least twice as long as the other. This is a fun contest that will be judged, but not scored. However, there are some cash prizes for the winners.

DECEMBER 18 – Judged by Henry Rowan

  • Digital: Open
  • Monochrome Prints: Open

JANUARY 15 – Judged by Greg D’Angelis

  • Digital: Creative – Use your imagination to produce an original photograph through concept, processing, or both.
  • Color Prints: Open

FEBRUARY 19 – Judged by Debbie Aniano

  • Digital: Open
  • Monochrome Prints: Street photography – Photographs depicting chance encounters or random
    incidents in public places.
  • Special Photo in a Bag Contest: Each participant is given a mystery bag containing random items. All of the contents of the bag must be incorporated into a photo to be presented as a color or monochrome print (follow the club’s guidelines for printing and mounting). No digital upload is required. Be creative and have fun! This contest will be judged, but not scored. Cash prizes will be awarded.

MARCH 19 – Judge by Robert Zurfluh

  • Digital: Open
  • Color Prints: Shoot the breeze – People engaged in casual conversation or objects blowing in the wind. You decide if you want to be figurative or literal, but it must be obvious in your photograph.

APRIL 16 – Judged by Joe Edelman

  • Digital: Oops! – that wasn’t supposed to happen that way. Or was it? Depict an accidental occurrence (either subject or capture).
  • Monochrome Prints: Open

MAY 21 – Judged by Arik Gorban

  • Digital: Inspired by Hollywood – Create a photograph inspired by a film or television program. Include the source of your inspiration in the title.
  • Color Prints: Open

JUNE 18 – Judged by Susan Candelario

  • Digital: From the back – Not just another pretty face. Show a compelling view of your subject from the back.
  • Monochrome Prints: Open

NOTE: All topics MUST BE the MAIN subject of your photographs.