2020/2021 Competition Rules

Part of the mission of SJCC is to enhance the skills of its members. One of the ways we’ve done this was to hold a print competition every month to encourage our members to learn the art of printing a photograph. Since the continued threat of Covid-19 will keep us meeting online for the foreseeable future, holding a print competition really doesn’t make sense.

In order to meet the challenge of meeting remotely and continue to challenge our members to hone their skills, we are going to change our competition structure for the 2020/2021 season starting in September. Instead of a Digital and Print competition each month, we will hold a color and monochrome competition each month. One of these competitions will be themed and one will be open; except for “less stress” December when both will be open. Our goal is to encourage our members, especially in the beginner and intermediate groups, to explore and master the art of monochrome photography.

Color Definition: A photograph where all or part of the image is in color. This includes full color, selective color (where one or more colors are used to accent a black and white photo), and duotone (an image made with two colors rather than one).

Monochrome Definition: A photograph that contains only one color in various shades from darkest to lightest. Black and white photography is considered monochrome.

A Caution About Presets
Some post processing programs feature presets billed as black and white or monochrome that, in reality, create images that bear shades of color; sometimes very subtle. If a photograph processed this way is entered in a monochrome competition, it will be disqualified. When using presets, please review the editing panel for how the chosen look is created with an eye for techniques like split toning, colorizing, et al.


Color Photo: This image may be entered into a color competition.

Color Photo Example

Black and White Photo: This image may be entered in a monochrome competition.

Monochrome Photo: All the color in this image is a shade of sepia. This image may be entered in a monochrome competition.

sepia monochrome photo example

Duotone Photo: It may look like a monochrome image but it has various shades of blue and yellow making it a color image. This image may be entered in a color competition but not monochrome.

Duotone photo example