Executive Board

President: Rich Lewis

Vice President: Sara Ascalon

Secretary: Vera Hershenberg

Treasurer: Joe Perno

Member Services

Membership: Vivian Lewis

New Member Orientation: Susan LaPierre

Member Resources: Jan Narducci

Programs and Judging: Kevin Riley, Rich Lewis, Bonnie Rovere

Field Trips: Vince Rossi

Workshops: Mike Pillows

Mobile Photography Education: Jeff Feeny

DVD Rental: Amy Golden

Awards: Ken Sichel

Print Competition: Charles Kuski, Mike Pillows

Digital Competition: Barry Nealis

Print Intake/Scorekeeping: Susan Kain, Larry Lyons

Club Support

Marketing, PR and Publicity: Jan Narducci

Website: Rich Lewis, Sara Ascalon, Charles Kuski

Refreshments: Vera Hershenberg, Charles Kuski

DVCCC Chairman: Ken Sichel

PSA Chairman: Bonnie Rovere

Historian: Doreen Rutherford

Sunshine: Linda Ricciardi


Club By-Laws